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King Solomon - Artist


So, a little about myself. I was born on April 20th, 1997 in Dallas, Texas. My family moved around A LOT so I grew up in various states in America, Nigeria and then finally the UK. This played a big part in influencing my style of music because different locations offered different types of inspiration and the local sounds (while not always my preference) always found their way in to one playlist or another.


I started writing when I was about 11 years old, but I couldn’t tell you what the heck I was doing until I was about 15. Then I started taking it seriously. I released an unofficial single called ‘Hands Up’ that literally cannot be found by anyone who doesn’t know me personally anymore. Now I’m 20 and I’ve just released my official debut album ‘Illuminate the Dark’. I’m currently an independent artist and I’m honestly loving all the freedom that comes with that, so this album launch is literally just the result of me and all the people who support me giving it our all.


Ahhh, let’s see here. My favourite artists and the ones I can say influenced my sound and style are Lecrae, NF, and Chance the Rapper. My mom got sick a couple years back, and by the grace of God she’s still with us, but the summer that it happened it was literally just God and Lecrae that got me through it. I downloaded every one of his songs… illegally at the time but still…. And morning till evening, be it on the train or walking from my lessons to the hospital that was all I’d listen to, so that’s why he’s such a big part of my musical experience. Aside from that, he was my first look at what gospel rap could be, and while I don’t consider myself a gospel artist, I definitely took a lot of cues from him there as well. Both NF and Chance have similarly deep stories to why they mean so much to me as artists but I won’t bore you with that. What I will say is that their musical styles and individuality kind of helped when it came to figuring out who ‘King Solomon’ is, and who regular Solomon is too I guess. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m anti-label, but if any of them ever wanted to take me on I’d drop that whole schtick and jump on in an instant.


What else…. The album. This album is something of a passion project, albeit one that I put off for like 2 years. I first wrote Illuminate the Dark in April of 2018 if I’m not mistaken. Not the album, the song. Some of the songs are waaay older. I wrote the hook for Everybody Cries in like the 8th grade, so, when I was like 12 or 13. What the album ended up being is a mix of things. Only about half of the songs on the album were written with the album in mind. Others were written over the course of my life but didn’t feel right to release on their own. Illuminate the Dark is where these songs ended up being able to fit in and tell a cohesive story alongside some of the new ones like Yahweh and Hallowed be Thy Name that I wrote post the decision to create the Illuminate the Dark Album. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, it’s been a long time coming and I’m glad we got here eventually. It was kinda like the pieces of a puzzle coming together.


I went home to produce the album, like, back to my roots. I spent about a month in total in Nigeria trying to get it together. Almost all the songs started off as beats on my phone that I made with Garage Band, then I took them over to this really talented producer that I’d worked with before, Jhay (contact me if you want more info on him or would like to get in touch). He translated my beats into what you hear now. We sat together and laid each instrument for each track one at a time, sometimes taking the original sounds produced from my phone and using them for the final product in songs like Tired (Small Voice), Everybody Cries and more (so I’d say I co-produced it at the very least). All in all working with Jhay was integral to getting the album to sound as professional as it does.


I’m not really sure what else goes in to a bio… If there’s anything else you’d like to know or would like me to add, contact me via the website or on one of my socials and lemme know. Thanks for reading this far and I hope you enjoy the rest of the page. Bless.